Mundipharma Brings Pelmeg Biosimilar to Europe

The Mundipharma network of independent collaborated firms have launched Pelmeg, a biosimilar of Amgen’s Neulasta. The pharmaceutical company had received the European Commission approval in November 2018.

Pelmeg has become the 4th biosimilar medicine to be commercialized by the pharmaceutical company, which is rigorously working towards extending its portfolio and commercial reach in Europe. Pelmeg was developed by Cinfa Biotech, which was purchased by Mundipharma in 2018.

In November last year, Novartis’ US generics business Sandoz also received European approval for its biosimilar Ziextenzo. In the recent year, Neulasta registered $4.48 billion global sales for Amgen, just like Fulphila, being produced by generics major Pharmaceuticals and Indian biosimilars giant Biocon.

Pelmeg, which is currently available in the Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany, is indicated for cutting the time period of neutropenia and febrile neutropenia incidences in adult patients taking chemotherapy for malignancy.

Philippe Bastide, head of Biosimilars, Europe, said that the news of Pelmeg’s availability in European countries has left them delighted. Bastide added that this launch will add to their proven commercial expertise in biosimilars, which they have attained over the past four years. According to Bastide, Pelmeg carries the potential to play a key part in enhancing the lives of patients suffering from chemotherapy caused neutropenia & febrile neutropenia.

Bastide mentioned that with their collaboration with Celltrion, they project that Truxima and Remsima have already enabled European healthcare systems to save approx. 330MN euros.

He added that if the individuals who are currently receiving the reference product as a treatment, are given Pelmeg, then the healthcare community can further register considerable savings.

With the acquisition of Cinfa Biotech, Mundipharma has gained global reach and it has extended the pharmaceutical company’s development capabilities. The company will continue to leverage collaborations to develop its flourishing Biosimilars’ portfolio, strengthening its leadership in Europe and expanding its geographical footprint.

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