Delair Launches Aerial Intelligence Platform for Drone Data

Delair, a highly renowned supplier of commercial drone solutions, has launched Delair Aerial Intelligence, the most exhaustive platform to convert drone-based pictures into highly reliable actionable business insights.

The company said that its cloud-based solution offers a comprehensive integrated and highly convenient workflow to manage, evaluate and share data. As per the company the solution will streamline the procedure for unlocking the actual potential of aerial surveying.

It added that highly optimized industry analytics for particular industries and use cases in power and utilities, mining, construction, quarries, and agriculture will enable more precision and accuracy which will further provide bottom-line advantages to an array of businesses.

This new hardware-agnostic platform has underpinned Delair’s position as a prominent provider of enterprise-class software solutions for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone industry. Currently, Delair has the largest team of software developers working on drone data management.

The rising adoption of drones by a wide range of industries continue to create lucrative growth opportunities for the manufacturers operating in the drone market. In fact, a report by Fact.MR estimated that the drone market is likely to exhibit 22.8% CAGR during 2017-2022.

Michael de Lagarde, CEO at Delair said that the industry is now well aware of the fact that software and data are the real end game when enterprises uses commercial drone. He said that such businesses not only demand for innovative technology but also seeks enterprise-ready offerings that provide the security, scalability, and reliability they need and at the same time are capable of integrating with a wide range of other essential business processes.

Michaes added that the Delair Aerial Intelligence will enable them to offer the accumulative power of an enterprise-focused workflow & tested industry-specific analytics for the conversion of aerial data into highly practical business insight.

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