Dutch-Based Mammoet Develops Fully-Containerised Crane MTC 15

Dutch-based oversized and heavy-lift experts, Mammoet has intrigued advanced technology in the company’s Terneuzen multipurpose terminal which encompass a six hundred-ton capacity MTC 15 mobile crane being manufactured and engineered by the firm.

Encompassing a huge weight capacity equivalent to 1,200-tonee crawler crane, the latest variant has been designed to lift to & from non-geared load vessels under water as deep as 12.5 meters. According to the company, the equipment makes an ideal option for offloading and loading columns, reels, vessels, project engines and cargo without any need to strengthen the dock.

Marlon Roels, Mammoet Terminal manager, said that equipped with 100,000 sq. metres storage capacity, along with handling and hoisting facilities, an internal truck & rail connection, the full-containerized crane could offer a notable strategic benefit to numerous clients across the area.

And oil and gas, Roels added that the exceptionally high outreach and capacity of MTC 15 will make the Mammoet multifunctional terminal ideal for civil construction & energy sector, and oil & gas seeking equipment to transport heavy components.

Mammoet has built the fully-containerised crane MTC 15 to introduce heavy-lift abilities soon for ports that can receive containers. As per the company, the crane decreases the ports dependability on self-geared floating cranes and cargo vessels. Medium to high capacity crawler cranes are highly used building ports. The increasing n umber of port maintenance initiatives have been influencing the sales of crawler cranes.

The skyrocketing new construction projects and growing urbanization continue to be instrumental in fueling the demand for crawler cranes globally.  According to a recent Fact.MR study, the overall outlook of crawler cranes market is likely to remain on an optimistic path. It opines that the worldwide demand for crawler cranes will expand at 3.6 % CAGR by value during 2018-2028.

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