Tech-innovation in the Pest Control Industry; Pest Pulse utilizes Smart Sensors to Prevent Rodents

Pest Pulse, the one-year-old pest control startup based in Dublin, has set its eyes on utilizing technology to transform the ‘unglamorous’ pest control industry. The horizon for Pest Pulse includes the development of both software and hardware. The technology comprises of sensors and smart devices, which are monitored by a centralized software platform.

The pest control devices developed by the company will consist of smart technologies that will check the humidity and temperature. In line to this detection, the sensors will monitor pest control devices like rat traps and notify the customers when a trap stops functioning.

Technology Incorporated for the Development of Smart Pest Control Device

This modern-day technology prevents the use of poison as a pest control practice. On the detection of rodents, the device almost instantly kills them and notifies the consumers. This is how the efficiency of the trap can be ensured. With time, when data will be culled from the devices, predictive analysis will also be facilitated to the consumers. The company opines that the existing pest control devices are slow and manual and no data can be extracted out of them. This is the reason why the pest control industry lacks innovation.

Incorporation of smart devices and sensors for pest controlling can curtail the monthly costs spent on the technicians for monitoring the systems. Fundamentally, the functioning of this technological pest control is in line with that of the conventional one. However, technology replaces the manual monitoring of equipment.

Next Steps for Pest Pulse

The ideal customer base for these smart pest control equipment consists of restaurant proprietors and shop owners. In case of any issue encountered by them, the company will send a technician from its local partners, who will assist them in resolving it.

The company says that the functioning of the system will be somewhat analogous to that of Uber. The end-users will directly deal with Pest Pulse, while getting served by the technicians from different companies who have partnered with the startup. The USP of this device is that the consumers will receive an enhanced service for the price they pay to the conventional service. This way the startup plans to offer better service at the matched price.

The company believes that it takes quite a long time to get the venture capitalists on the same page for funding the business idea, owing to the unglamorous nature of the pest control industry. However, it is looking forward to expanding its partnerships and customer base in Ireland market first, before targeting the other geographies. Post the successful launch in the UK, the company has shifted its focus on the U.S. pest control market.

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