Apple Collaborates with Aetna to “Attain” Good Health

In the bid to increase the pace of development in the healthcare industry, Apple has entered into a strategic partnership with Aetna, the healthcare insurance provider, for launching Attain. Attain, the mobile application culls the data from the Apple Watch to provide a peek into the end-users’ health status.

In a report, 90% of the people stated to have benefitted by using the Apple Watch. The strategic collaborators took a note of it and intensified their initiatives towards developing health-centric technologies. Apple aims at providing more personalized recommendations to its consumers, which will further help them attain their personal health goals. Apple cites that healthcare has been in the periphery of Apple since 2016, which has eventually resulted in to Attain.

What will the end-users achieve by using Attain?

Attain is aimed at helping the customers achieve – everyday health goals, customized health notifications, activity goals, and rewards/awards for achievements. The smart app allots a personalized activity goal on the basis of an individual’s sex, weight, and age. The app analyzes the activity level calculated depending the steps taken as well as from swimming and yoga. The app will further encourage the individuals to incline towards a healthier lifestyle by allotting points to the individuals for getting sufficient sleep, engaging in meditation, and keeping a track of diet.

The app has been created by keeping the physicians on the same page. It provides clinical guidelines to take prompt steps actions such as getting vaccinations or medicine for flu and reminders regarding the refilling of prescriptions. The targeted audience for the app consists of all categories – from gym-goers, adults with low activity level, to even parents. All they need to do is feed their data and choose the activity designated for them.

On signing up with Attain, individuals will be able to share their health history with Apple. This gives data access to both Apple and Aetna. This data can be used by companies to predict the health of the individuals, in order to offer personalized solutions.

As Apple penetrates into aggregating the health data from the users, the company is setting the bars high for the security of the end-users’ data. In the upcoming future, Apple and Aetna could utilize the data and impart detailed analytics to the users, who can keep a track of their health.

Google’s Alphabet is expected to compete with the Attain in the smart healthcare device market, with its potential to monitor ECG rate.


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