Regular Drinking Puts You at Higher Risk of Breast Cancer, Finds Study

A new study has warned women to avoid regular drinking to cut their chances of suffering from breast cancer. According to a latest survey done by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, less than 4 out of 10 women in North East are aware of the association between alcohol intake and breast cancer, despite proof relating regular drinking with elevated risks.

It founded that about one in five women drink above the Chief Medical Officer’s recommended weekly consumption limit of less than 14 units to stay less vulnerable to a wide range of health issues, such as cancer.

As per the latest figures, one in seven females in the UK are going to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life, but only a quarter of cases will be preventable. Breast cancer has become the most common cancer for women globally, which has further made efficient early detection of breast cancer vital. Surging breast cancer cases coupled with growing aging population are projected to create potential growth opportunities for global breast cancer diagnostics market.

Regular drinking in any amount raises the risks, with the survey estimating that daily consumption of two units caused one extra woman out of every 50 to suffer from breast cancer.

The survey found that the rates of alcohol-related breast cancer are much higher in North East than the average for England. Figures also showed that breast cancer is the cause of more than one in two alcohol-related women cancers across the region.

Balance has decided to re-launch its Spot of Lunch campaign across a wide range of channels to help women across the region to make more informed choices.

Also Balance Director Colin Shevills, said that just like tobacco, alcohol also leads to cancer and in the case of breast cancer, a clear proof shows that there is nothing like ‘safe’ level of drinking. Shevills added that even slight consumption of alcohol on regular basis can increase women’s chances of suffering from breast cancer.

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