Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Prioritize Advanced Offerings as Demand for User Personalization & Customization Evolves, Finds Fact.MR

Dynamicity of the fitness industry opens gateways to new opportunities for the manufacturers of fitness equipment to capitalize on. With fitness enthusiasts flooding into gyms and fitness studios, the demand for fitness equipment has remarkably taken off, which in turn is creating profit-making opportunities for the manufacturers. These insights are garnered from the latest research study by Fact.MR that is bullish on the growth of fitness equipment market in the forthcoming years.

A fundamental shift to health & wellness is working in favor for manufacturers of fitness equipment. People are heading to gyms for enhancing their mobility and fitness instead of solely focusing on weight reduction, which has been a key trend observed in the past few years.

“With the increasing interest of people to integrate fitness into their everyday lives, the sales of fitness equipment is likely to continue on an upward trajectory over the forecast period”, says Fact.MR study

“Exercisers are on the lookout for different ways of training to avoid monotonous sessions. They are well informed of the benefits offered by functional training and are willing to inculcate it in their regular fitness schedules. Accordingly, gym and health club owners are ensuring the availability of effective functional fitness equipment with excellent flexibility and adaptability”, adds the Fact.MR study

According to the report, the fad for personal training is on a consistent rise. Certified fitness trainers are in demand as people seek in-person supervision and personalized assistance for maintaining an ideal fitness regime. Rising demand for personal training is resulting in increased subscriptions across gyms and health clubs, which in turn propels the demand for fitness equipment.

The trend of corporate fitness has become increasingly popular, wherein companies encourage their workforce to maintain a healthy lifestyle through attractive fitness offerings. Corporates are entering into strategic partnerships with gyms & personal trainers for motivating their employees to exercise. These trends are anticipated to create favorable circumstances for growth of fitness equipment market.


Fitness Enthusiasts Remain Biased toward Functional Training for Core Strength Enhancement & Vitality Restoration

As the fitness landscape undergoes radical changes, customers are on the lookout for highly effective ways of working out. Demand for functional fitness equipment is set to witness high-scale proliferation, owing to the role of functional training in enhancing core strength and restoring vitality. Trends in the fitness space point to the fact that fitness enthusiasts are essentially moving away from weight training and getting inclined to whole-body functional training. As the demand for staying pinned to a healthy lifestyle via functional training keeps increasing, the sales of functional training equipment is set to grow at a significant rate.

As new technologies are sprawling in the fitness space, customers are showing marked preferences for advanced functional fitness equipment with multimodal technologies. Manufacturers are incorporating additional features into their offerings, including entertainment mediums, customized experiences, & technology enablement, to ensure high-scale customer engagement.

Fact.MR’s report offers a deep dive into latent opportunities brimming in the fitness equipment market.

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