Nestlé Purchases Unique Technology to Address Iron Deficiency

Swiss transnational food and drink firm Nestlé has purchased the rights to a new and unique technology called Ferri Pro, which will allow it to address a widely spread nutritional deficiency: iron. Developed by the researchers from Massey University in New Zealand, the technology can change the big picture for the company.

The technology will help Nestlé in addressing nutritional iron deficiency without impacting or hampering the taste of food and beverages. With a hold on such a kind of technology, the world’s largest food and beverage firm could roll out some new fortified products in the coming time.

Riddet Institute director and the research leader at Massey, Harjinder Singh said that they have created the technology to tackle the most prevailing nutritional deficiency. Globally, over 1.6 billion people have iron deficiency anaemia. He added that their main aim was not just to address iron deficiency, but to address the issue without affect the product quality. The World Health Organization (WHO) data shows that women and children most vulnerable to iron deficiency, and if they are left untreated the deficiency can harm mentally and physically.

On the other hand, as per the estimations of the United Nations (UN) Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), the consequential effects of such deficiencies is burdening the society globally, with a hefty amount of $2.1 trillion annually.

With Massey technology acquisition, Nestlé will be able to accelerate its efforts to reach millions of people worldwide. Nestlé Research Nutrition health and wellness head Petra Klassen Wigger said that the company believes that they have a significant role to play in supporting the global efforts to address the worldwide burden of nutritional deficiencies. He added that the acquisition will give them access to innovative technology that will further allow them in effectively fortifying their foods and beverages without hampering the product taste and quality.

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