Rambus and Worldline Expand Collaboration to Deliver Innovation into UK Rail

Rambus Inc., a leading player in smart ticketing industry, and Worldline, European leader in payments and transactional services, have announced their plans to extend their alliance to deliver high-tech innovation into the United Kingdom rail.

With the adoption of a powerful software like Rambus remote ticket download (RTD), the payments and transactional services provider can offer ITSO-based smart tickets to customer smartcards using their Mobile Ticket Issuing Service (MTIS) and @Station, thereby giving the passengers a more reliable and highly suitable ticketing experience.

Rambus has a rich experience in offering powerful and safe ticketing solutions to support bus, tram, subway, ferry, and rail smart ticketing operations. With this extended collaboration Worldline, the biggest payments firm in Europe will be able to offer solutions to diverse rail franchises in the UK, enabling them to use the cutting edge technology in issuing smart tickets, the task that forms the basis for contactless rail journeys.

The highly innovative ticketing solution is expected to significantly increase access for customers who can collect tickets on train or station desks from staff directly.

While speaking on the decision to expand collaboration, Rambus Ticketing VP and GM Russell McCullagh said that they are very excited that a company like Worldline has selected Rambus’ RTD software to deliver a highly tested technology to rail operators enabling them to provide a frictionless user experience for rail staff and customer.

Worldline Global Director of Transport, James Bain, said that being the leading and biggest payments provider in Europe, their aim is to help consumers pay for services and goods seamlessly.

He called Transit and Transport the next huge merchant market. Bain mentioned that their alliance with Rambus has enabled a way to revolutionize access to UK rail services through ground-breaking payment solutions.

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