May Instructed to Demand EU to Reopen Brexit Deal; EU Refuses

On Tuesday, lawmakers in UK asked PM Theresa May to revive a Brexit pact with the EU to replace a contentious Irish border arrangement, but she instantly received a clear no from Brussels.

Parliament tremendously rejected May’s Brexit deal a couple of weeks ago, but now it has supported a proposal envisioned to send the PM to Brussels with a robust order to bring changes that can potentially win their support.

Furthermore, they have also refused an offer to show parliament a way to stop a potentially muddled ‘no-deal’ exit by ordering May to ask Brussels to delay the due date, if she can’t reach on a deal in parliament.

With less than 60 days left for Britain to move out of the EU, allies and investors are pleading the government to form a pact for a logical exit from the alliance UK joined long back.

Just a couple of weeks after the PM’s separation deal was refused in largest parliamentary defeat in modern British history, May said that now a majority of honorable members have claimed to back a deal with alterations to the backstop.

She mentioned that now they are clear about the existence of a way to secure a sustainable and substantial house majority for moving out of the EU in an orderly way. May added that she would ask for ‘legally binding changes’.

In case the British parliament failed to gain a majority for a way forward, the UK will leave the biggest global trading alliance without reaching on any deal, a scenario which is expected to create havoc in the fifth biggest economy in the world.

According to the European Union, so far, neither May nor her ministers have shared any information about what compromises she would ask from the EU.

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