US Firms Seek Amendments in UK Beef and Drugs’ Standards

US advocacy associations for pharmaceutical and agriculture firms have asked the UK to change its standards according to the US standards in the post-Brexit trade deals.

The lobby groups want the sale of growth hormone-fed beef to be allowed in the UK, which is currently banned in the UK and EU. They also want amendments in the NHS drugs approval process to permit it to buy widespread US drugs. They have also asked the US officials to ask for lower tariffs on agricultural commodities.

The lobby groups want to seal a deal that moves away from EU standards, including regulations governing antibiotics in meats, genetically modified crops, and pesticides, including glyphosate. They have warned that if this doesn’t happen then they won’t support a US-UK trade deal.

Making the most of the growing concerns surrounding Brexit, technology groups have also come up with their wish lists for any agreement, as companies operating in this sector are not in favor of digital tax proposed by the UK.

The UK government is considering at ways to impose a tax on US technology leaders, including Google and Amazon, who as per the critics aren’t paying their fair share of tax in the United Kingdom, and are thus operating at an unfair benefit to physical firms.

The priorities raised by a wide range of lobby groups have been highlighted in the comments submitted to the US Trade Representative office.  The office asked for the feedback to be able to develop better US goals as it gets ready for trade talks with the UK post Brexit. The US companies mainly in the agricultural sector are hoping that the UK would prove more flexible as compared to the EU.

The National Grain and Feed Association and North American Export Grain Association mentioned that the UK negotiations are representing ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’.

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