Permanent Snaps Could Be A Snapchat Feature Soon

Snap Inc is planning to introduce some alterations into the company’s Snapchat app that would make the public posts uploaded by users last longer or even stay permanent. Besides, the company is looking forward to reveal the identities of Snapchat users making public posts, as per people familiar with the matter.

These changes are likely to mark a significant step in Snap’s effort to attract and retain users by making public information, pictures and content available outside the application. They could be working on creating a new source of gaining revenues for Snap, which continues to lose money for some time now, and has witnessed decline in user base recently, and executives are also fleeing the company.

Launched in 2011, Snapchat received instant warm welcome by millennials and teenagers, and now, by introducing such changes to Snapchat, the app could receive criticism especially from users who love to keep their things private, mainly when rival Facebook Inc has been into many controversies surrounding how the social giant handles and manages user information and data.

A person familiar with Snap’s plans said that the company is cautiously evaluating the technical, legal, and privacy related considerations before it decides to finally reveal user identities on public posts. The person added that just the video and photo content publically shared by Snapchat is going to be affected by the company’s upcoming moves. However, he added that Snapchat users will always have an option of removing stories.

Snap already offers extended shelf life to public stories, and now if the company decides to make them last longer or reveal more user information, the move would pull application far away from the hallmark features of the once much loved application. Snap decline to comment on the matter.

According to sources, Snap has decided to make the changes as a response to a feedback from the company’s four collaborations with news finding and discovery platforms facilitating media companies identify, evaluate, and republish public breaking content on the application.

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