Germany to Shut Down All Its Coal-Fired Power Plants by 2038

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said that the ruling coalition in Germany will soon start following the government –appointed commission’s recommendations to exit coal power by 2038.

After 20 hour-long talks, the committee finally reached on roadmap proposals, which must be followed by the German government and 16 regional states now. They exemplify the country’s strategy to shift to renewables, which constituted over 40% of the energy mix in 2018, leaving coal behind for the first time ever, and follow a 2011 decision to stop nuclear power.

The plan created by the government-led commission has received a warm welcome by the cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The commission behind the proposals is composed of 28 voting members from different arenas, ranging from unions, industry, environmental groups, and academia, in addition to three non-voting members that belonged to the ruling parties.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier describe his curiosity on Twitter, saying that less CO2, higher number of fresh jobs, safe power supply and cost effective operations together give a strong signal.

The plans asks for a complete shutdown of the remaining coal-supported power plants in Germany, by the year 2038, and an aid of minimum 34.62 billion pounds to the areas hit by the coal production elimination.

According to Environment Minister of Germany, Svenja Schulze coal elimination would spread a positive signal globally. She mentioned that the researches performed by her ministry so far, have shown that the shift won’t result into any kind of hike in the electricity prices.

Schulze added that the regions which are presently producing coal will continue to remain vital players in the German energy market through investment in cutting-edge technologies, renewable resources, and climate protection.

One of the leaders of the pro-business Free Democrats, Christian Lindner said that coal production exit was already on the cards because of the existing targets pertaining to climate change. He added that the plan put up by the commission would further trigger the already skyrocketing energy prices in Germany.

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