Tesco’s Upcoming Move Could Leave Thousands Jobless

The Britain’s largest supermarket chain-Tesco- could leave thousands of its employees jobless soon, by its decision to shun–in-store fish, delicatessen, and meat counters. According to the industry sources, the supermarket chain is about to replace its staff canteens with the high-tech vending machines.

However, a representative from Tesco refused to say anything on this matter. He said that they are always open to embrace new methods to run their business in a simpler way and with better efficiency. He added that whenever Tesco has brought any changes in its business, it’s the colleagues who always get to know about it before others.

The industry sources revealed that the company is on the verge of shutting down many fresh food counters and will crop the timings of others. The company is also looking forward to bring some major changes in its store bakeries, including adoption of frozen dough instead of fresh made dough.

In a memo to staff, Tony Hogett, the chief operating officer acknowledged the media rumors, saying that they are committed to inform their colleagues any kind of changes they make as they keep on refreshing and simplifying their way of serving customers in their stores.  He told the employees that such changes are yet to be finalized, however, amid the growing media speculations they will reveal their communications to provide more information as soon as possible.

Earlier in October 2016, Tesco decided to decrease its operating expenses by $2 billion in a time span of around 3 years by optimizing the efficiency of its stores and distribution network. In the past couple of years, the group has chopped over 1000 jobs at it’s headquarter and in Cardiff each, by shunning a customer service center.

Tesco is putting robust efforts to make sufficient savings to be able to attain its profit margin target by 2019-2020 financial year. It performed better than its counterparts in the significant festive trading period.

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