‘Handle Brexit With Care’, Businesses Tell UK’s Arguing Politicians

On Monday, the British businesses pleaded politicians to avoid arguing on Brexit and instead reach on a decision to systematical move out of the European Union, because many leading companies have created crisis situation rooms to tackle the potential uproar in case of a no-deal separation.

The United States is left with just nine more weeks by law to step out of the European Union on March 29, but they haven’t reached on any deal so far in London on how and even if they should exit the biggest trading alliance of the world or not.

Parliament has declined the withdrawal agreement proposed by the Prime Minister Theresa May, earlier this month. The Withdrawal Agreement includes roughly a couple of years’ transition period to suffer minimal possible economic trouble, earlier this month. That left the UK on the verge of leaving without any deal, a move that may jam ports, crack supply chains and shake the financial markets.

On Tuesday, when voting held at the British parliament to come up with a solution to move forward, the British shipping industry pleaded lawmakers to stop quarreling and take decision in the favor of the deal that Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to seal with the EU.

While speaking to media, the chief executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping, Bob Sanguinetti said that they must keep all kinds of party politics aside, and instead should consider the bigger picture and take a decision that is best for the country.

The chamber represents 200 firms, such as Maersk and P&0 that is integral to the nation’s trade in goods. It said that the Prime Minister should either ditch the Irish backstop, which is the most argumentative part of the agreement that received her approval in November, or should impose a time limit on it.

Sanguinetti added that as they have no viable substitute to the Withdrawal Agreement, they are heading towards a no-deal scenario, which is destructive, troublesome and disordered for the manufacturers, businesses, and consumers.

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