Automotive Automatic Transmission Market: Brimming Sales of Compact Cars Influence the Growth

Automatic Transmission Market

The growing demand for safety and comfort has driven the technological shift form manual to automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions are known for less fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emission vis-à-vis manual transmission; automatic protection against stalling when staring off uphill has made it safer. In the urban stop-and-go-traffic, automatic transmissions are prevalent. In addition, functions such as automated parking assistant has propelled the early stage of full automated driving.

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Over the past several decades, stakeholders have gravitated towards automatic transmission vehicles owing to the simplicity it offers to drivers. Meanwhile, impactful transmission paves way to productive performance of automotive vehicles. As such, electric vehicles are gaining momentum from the automotive industry as they have low operating costs vis-à-vis IC engine vehicles and are eco-friendly. Accordingly, automatic transmission is in the vanguard of electric vehicles. Moreover, manual transmission calls for relentless use of clutch while shifting gears, leading to power loss and making it less efficient to be used in electric vehicles. Additionally, traditional automatic transmission systems are not the panacea owing to the weight it adds to the overall system.

According to the study, robust sale of compact cars is anticipated to have significant influence in the development of the automotive automatic transmission market. The convenient usability features have propelled the automatic transmission market. Meanwhile, with electronic clutch management, the drivers have been able to determine where and how the gear changes. With the automatic shift transfer, the gears are automatically changed; as such, the use of automatic shift transmission in small cars has risen over the years.


Automotive Automatic Transmission Market: Overview

The report provides a deep dive analysis on the automotive automatic transmission market propelled by quantitative and qualitative analysis. Additionally, the report sheds light on the dynamics of the market that have considerable influence on the growth of the automotive automatic transmission market, namely, drivers, opportunities, restraints and trends. The report delves into the segmentation of the market to offer a holistic approach of the market.

The report includes executive summary, global economic outlook and overview section that provide a coherent analysis on the automotive automatic transmission market. Besides, the report in the market overview section delineates PLC analysis and PESTLE analysis to provide thorough analysis on the market. The overview section further delves into Porters’ Five Force analysis that helps in revealing the competitive scenario with regards to automotive automatic transmission market revealing the probable scenario of the market.

Primary research and secondary research provides a robust assessment on automotive automatic transmission indicating where the market is headed.  As such, the secondary research elucidates press release, trade journals, Factiva, resourceful database and EC filing. ON the other side, the report also delineates absolute dollar opportunity analysis and Y-o-Y projections. Furthermore, the report is bolstered by primary research that takes telephonic interview, unbiased and honest view from seasoned analyst, veracious review from expert.

Automotive Automatic Transmission Market: Competitive Landscape

The dynamic analysis of competitive landscape of the automotive automatic transmission market is propelled by the Porters’ Five Force Analysis. Further, the Porters’ Five Force Analysis delves into probable and feasible strategies of the companies in the automotive automatic transmission market. Additionally, the report also discerns product portfolio, company profile, SWOT analysis, recent development, company profile, annual revenue, strategic overview.

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