eSports in 2019 – These 5 Trends Can Shake Things Up

eSports is growing as a new independent business and industry, with several leading investors and businesses ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity. Amazon, Warren Buffet, Alibaba and USM Holdings have invested eSports in some way.

2018 proved to be a foundational year for the thriving eSports industry, with myriad new competitors, highly unexpected organization valuations, and numerous unbelievable moves by the existing companies in the industry. Players in eSport market are looking forward to bounce back and grow business in 2019.

Here are five trends eSports industry is expected to witness this year:

  • Traditional and Professional Sports Clubs Eying at Buying eSports Teams 

Several leading sports teams and professional clubs are investing in eSorts, either by purchasing existing teams or forming their own teams using their established brands. As eSports tournaments are broadcast across the world, who will miss a chance to run a team, attract new supporters, raise profile, and gain financial benefits of having a team. This emerging trend is expected to bring tremendous changes in the eSports teams market. The year 2019 is expected to see progressive crossover between esports and traditional sports, especially in terms of ownership of teams and organizations.

  • Esports Teams Robustly Relying on Sponsorships for Financial Boost 

Esports teams continue to seek sponsorship from leading brands to generate money. For example, the prominent brand Coca-Cold followed this emerging trend and managed to get immense popularity in the E-sports community, primarily for sponsoring the League of Legends world championship. Big brands are spending on live events and sponsorships to gain popularity and earn the respect of brand-wary gamers by elevating Esports as a real sport.

  • Mobile eSports Gaining Traction 

As eSports continue to gain popularity, games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dota2 take the center stage in front of massive global audiences. Meanwhile, eSport market’s less known segment-mobile eSports is steadily gaining traction, and is expected to end up being very crucial in the development and progress of the eSports market. Mobile eSports is flourishing in China, with leading franchises, including Giant Network’s Battle of Balls, and Tencent’s Honor of Kings. The US government has recognized the players of full-time League of Legends as professional athletes. 

  • Growing Recognition of eSports As An Official Sport 

Sports players have started gaining recognition as athletes. The need remarkable eye-hand coordination and high amount of dedication and mental preparation just like other sports. The German alliance of the SPD and CDU/CSU has recently agreed to give eSports the official sport recognition. The decision will transform the eSports industry in the country, paving way for the acceptance into the Olympics. eSports enthusiasts believe that Olympic recognition can bring eSports industry immense new recognition.

  • Involvement of Celebrities, Pro Athletes, & Team Owners in eSports Space on Rise

 The rapidly growing eSports industry has impressively managed to catch the eyes of celebrities and pro athletes, who are now investing in eSports leagues, teams, etc. Some of names who entered the space recently, include Jennifer Lopez, Robert Kraft, Joe Montana, and Marshawn Lynch etc.

The eSports market as a whole is booming worldwide with overflowing year-on-year investments from leading companies and no end in sight. The eSports market is expected to witness high growth trajectory with teams raising funds from venture capitalists and surging TV ratings for eSports events.


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