Irish Startup Parkpnp Plans to Expand its Reach in USA with its new SaaS Product

Ireland-based Parkpnp known for its innovative work in the field of integrating technology with parking is planning a major push to increase its penetration in the American market. Parkpnp was established in 2016 and offered a platform for people to lease their own car spaces.

The Irish startup is focusing on broadening its product portfolio and recently added a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering named ParkOffice. The new SaaS offering aims at helping businesses and real estate owners in assigning car parking spaces. Accessibility to parking spaces has emerged as one of the key problems that have perturbed businesses and communities alike. With their unique offerings, Parkpnp is aiming to provide an efficient solution for the problem. In addition to solving the problem, the company feels its products contribute to community building as well by providing a platform for businesses and trading spaces to collaborate.

The subscription of the service will vary with each client but the pricing is expected to fall in between the range of €250 and €500 a month. The company signed its first ever client in the US last week and revealed that their new signing was already onboard with using ParkOffice.

Property firm owners in Befimmo and MVGM, real estate company Colliers, and car rental service Europcar are the other prospective clients who have committed to using ParkOffice in Europe.

Parkpnp secured fresh funding of €500,000 in October and plans to use it to promote ParkOffice in the US. The company plans to acquire twenty clients for the SaaS offering by the end of the year and will be targeting companies with 50 or more employees. With ParkOffice, Parkpnp aims to solve the problem localized parking in metropolitan and other big cities.

Since its inception, Parkpnp has secured approximately €1.6 million in funding from a number of investors. During its first year of operation, the Ireland-based company signed a plethora of deals with real estate, parking and hotel owners to add spaces to its network of parking facilities.

The company secured a million euro deal in 2017 to fund its expansion in the Netherlands. With an aim to consolidate its foothold in Europe, Parkpnp acquired Belgium based online parking firm Sharemypark in 2018. Currently, the company provides its services to 40,000 users in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. Although Parkpnp has not been able to generate substantial profits so far, the company believes ParkOffice is the product that will help them achieve the feat.

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