Liquid Dietary Supplements Gain Eminence in Modern Day Diets as Consumers Deny to Comprise with Nutritional Values, Finds Fact.MR

Rapid gravitation toward cognitive well-being via better-for-health food products is fostering consumption of liquid dietary supplements. A combination of evolving consumer sentiments around functional foods and dynamic dietary patterns is predominantly triggering the adoption of liquid dietary supplements. These insights are as per a new research study by Fact.MR that unveils profitable facets responsible for fostering revenues of liquid dietary supplements market. According to the Fact.MR report, the sales of liquid dietary supplements is likely to exceed US$ 40 Bn by 2022 end.

Liquid dietary supplements, which were only available in aisles across specialist health food stores, have now gone mainstream and are found in groceries as well as online stores. With a wide-range of products being actively sought-after, the liquid dietary supplements market is foreseen to grow at a healthier clip owing to its inherent ties to health and wellness norms.

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“Incompetency of a normal diet in terms of offering extended nutritional benefits is enhancing the visibility of liquid dietary supplements across the globe. Liquid dietary supplements, owing to rich micronutrient profile of vitamins and minerals, have surged in popularity among health-savvy individuals”, Senior Analyst, Fact.MR

Women Consume Liquid Dietary Supplements More than Men Do

As per a revelation by the World Cancer Research Fund, dietary supplements consist of minerals, vitamins, and herbs, which provides enough credence to the fact that they serve as an essential add-on to the regular diets for compensating the additional nutritional requirements. Particulars as such remain highly instrumental in restoring consumer confidence on liquid dietary supplements.

By comparing the consumption patterns across both the genders, the report unveils that women consume liquid dietary supplements more than men do, with demand estimated to proliferate and exceed US$ 20 Bn by end of forecast timespan. However, demand for liquid dietary supplements among men is likely to pick up the pace and grow at a healthy rate through 2022.

With higher convenience in terms of making purchases, consumers are actively shifting to online websites for picking up the suitable product post navigating through a wide-range of varieties. Proliferation of e-commerce has remarkably influenced liquid dietary supplements sales and this rate is projected to soar at a meteoric pace. Meanwhile, pharmacies drug stores are anticipated to scale in terms of lucrativeness, with sales likely to account for more than 40% by 2022. Moreover, manufacturers of liquid dietary supplements are also eyeing on multiple opportunities of revenue generation via health and beauty stores, finds the Fact.MR report.

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Personalization and Customization- Key Players’ Strategy to Achieve Consumer Retention

Massive concern apropos of personal well-being has been cited as a key factor influencing the market growth. Subsequently, fad for organic products fortified with nutritional wellness has also taken off significantly, triggering the adoption of liquid dietary supplements. Seasonal health disorders have also heightened consumer interest in liquid dietary supplements with immune-boosting characteristics, creating favorable circumstances for growth of liquid dietary supplements market.

Demand for vitamins and minerals are poised to gain momentum in the liquid dietary supplements market space, driven by rapid inclination toward nutrition enhancers. Botanical supplements are also grabbing the attention of consumers, with ongoing trend of naturally-sourced ingredients.

Rise of personalization and customization refers to a key trend in the liquid dietary supplements market space. Supplement companies are increasingly offering customized products, wherein the product is prepared with consumer-specific inclusions. As per the report, manufacturers of liquid dietary supplements are likely to invest in innovative packaging formats to enhance their product visibility.

The Fact.MR study offers captivating insights along with latest opportunities and trends prevalent in the liquid dietary supplements market space.

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