Pre-School Games and Toys Market Growth Steady in Europe, Plastic Continue to Remain Highly Sought After Material

Pre-School Games and Toys

Mr. Nandini Roy, Research Head – Retail & Consumer Goods at Fact.MR discusses latest trends shaping Europe’s fumed silica marketplace


Pre-school games and toys market is expected to witness a steady outlook in the future on the back of increasing introduction of games and toys that assist in increasing cognitive behavior, coordination skills and mental agility. The pre-school games and toys market has the presence of a plethora of products including musical instruments, arts and crafts, puzzles and board games, play-acting, and construction toys.

Demand for pre-school games and toys is projected to remain consolidated in developing region such as APEJ wherein countries like China, India and Brazil. The significant demand can be attributed to expanding middle class and increased purchase power of consumers in the region. The pre-school games and toys market in Europe is expected to grow at a steady pace on the back of region’s legacy of emphasis on early childhood education.

What are manufacturers of the pre-school games and toys market doing in the region?

Prominent players of the pre-school games and toys market are engaged in expanding the exposure of their product by leveraging the opportunities in the emerging e-commerce sector as consumers preference for online shopping is increasing. Further, the introduction of innovative and smarter games and toys is also trending in the market. Also, manufacturers are trying to comply with the EU standards of materials to be used in the toys of children to enhance trust among consumers.

What is the application scope of pre-school games and toys market in the region?

Among different types of pre-school games and toys, demand for construction toys remains higher in the region. The reason can be attributed to the significant contribution made by these type of toys in the development of pre-school kids.

Based on the age of children, in which age group sales remain higher in the region?

Pre-school games and toys sales for the age group of 2-3 years of age remained higher and the status-quo is likely to continue in the coming years. As children of age group 2-3 years are more likely to play with the pre-school games and toys, their demand remains higher as compared to the higher age group of 3 to 5 years.

Which is the highly sought-after material in pre-school games and toys in the region?

Pre-school games and toys are available in different materials such as plastic, metal, wood and others. Demand for plastic-based pre-school games and toys has remained higher in the historical period and the status-quo is likely to continue in the future.

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