Manufacturers of Organic Color Cosmetic Products Focus on Sustainable Ingredients to Boost Product Integrity

Organic Color Cosmetic Products Market

Nandini Roy, Senior Consultant- Retail & Consumer Goods Domain at Fact.MR discusses crucial aspects gauging growth potential of organic color cosmetic product market.

Organic color cosmetic products are gaining high traction, primarily driven by the demand for organic ingredients and chemical-free products. Rising trend of personal grooming is giving a considerable fillip to sales of organic color cosmetic products. The ingredient composition of organic color cosmetic products include ingredients that are plant-derived, such as flowers, roots, essential oils, and herbs. Manufacturers of organic color cosmetic products are further combining these naturally-derived ingredients with carrier agents, such as emulsifiers, surfactants, preservatives, and many more, to add to the overall product value. With numerous launches as well as product innovations, organic color cosmetics products market is brimming with latent opportunities for affluent business expansion.

What influence are the sustainability-seeking European consumers exerting on growth of organic color cosmetic products market?

A paradigm shift of the European beauty industry toward natural and organic products is having significant impact on the organic color cosmetic products, resulting in growing attention on quality and origin of ingredients. Consumers are expecting brands to explicitly demonstrate their ethical values via transparency in terms of the ingredient base.

Consumers are seen withdrawing interest from irresponsible brands and resorting to responsible ones. Another key area in color cosmetic products space is carbon footprint reduction and manufacturers of organic color cosmetics brands are gaining significant advantages in line with the same. The growing fad for organic and natural make up products is another key aspect boosting sales of organic color cosmetic products.

How are manufacturers serving the customer expectations to purchase cosmetic products with skincare benefits?

As consumers show high reluctance to cosmetics damaging skin attributes, they are gravitating toward cosmetic and makeup products with additional skincare benefits. As this trend continues to gain prominence, new opportunities for manufacturers to regain customer confidence via hybridization between categories become highly evident.

With the ever-growing concerns of pollution, customers wish to use face makeup as a protection shield against pollution. Hence, manufacturers of organic color cosmetic products are incorporating multiple skincare benefits, including UV protection and hydration. Use of probiotics also represent a pervasive trend with immense potential to invade the organic color cosmetic product space, owing to their capabilities of establishing harmony between good bacteria and good bacteria.

Which futuristic trends in the natural beauty products space will influence growth of organic color cosmetic product market?

The futuristic trends in the natural beauty products space will stem from holistic understanding of the customers vis-à-vis health and wellness. Evolving perceptions apropos of the essence of a healthy lifestyle will catalyze high-scale innovation across beauty and grooming space, including organic color cosmetic product market.

Well-informed and happily engaged consumers will seek responsible and effective products, which will persuade manufacturers of organic color cosmetic products to include effective ingredients that are naturally-sourced, such as anti-oxidants and antimicrobial compounds.

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