Diligent Purchases for Multifaceted Toddler Nutrition Trigger Adoption of Growing Up Milk

Sneha Varghese, Consultant- Food & Beverages Domain at Fact.MR discusses key insights into the progress of growing up milk market

The consumption of growing up milk is gaining tailwinds from active transition from breastfed milk to other viable substitutes for toddlers. Growing up milk comprises of minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics, which are some of the highly-valued essentials for toddler nutrition. The packaging and marketing tactics adopted by manufacturers, such as labelling their products as ‘toddler milk’, are conducive to a healthy restoration of consumer confidence, thereby boosting the sales of growing up milk. Evolution of varying parenting patterns, across both developed as well as developing regions, have been crucial with regard to large-scale diversification in the global growing up milk market.

How drastic rise in working population in the Europe is favoring demand for growing up milk?

Owing to drastic structural changes in case of family patterns and evolving demands in the modern working life, reconciliation family and work life has become a key area of concern among Europeans. Several study results point to the fact that working parents find it extremely tough to attain a satisfactory balance between their family and work commitments, stimulating them to seek viable alternatives serving nutritional requirements of toddlers.

With working parents striving to make best choices for their children in terms of nutrition, specialty milk such as growing up milk has evolved as a necessity and not a luxury. Growing up milk is fortified with all the essential nutrients in line with the physical needs at every developmental stage, which is further responsible for its enhanced visibility of growing up milk among the ever-conscious parent demographic.

How is the intervention by prominent organizations impacting consumption of follow-up formula products in Europe?

Producers of growing up milk products are facing the brunt of regulatory initiatives by prominent governmental organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). For instance, WHO made an official statement that reported follow-up formula products, including growing up milk, to be ‘unnecessary’ and ‘unsuitable’ for nourishment and growth of toddlers.

In addition to this, the European Commission has also imposed strict regulations, including Commission Directive 2013/46/EU particularly on follow-up formula products. The Commission has also made some significant modifications to labelling requirements for breast milk substitutes via delegation of ‘Regulation (EU) 2016/127’, which is likely to be imposed by 2020. Particulars as such are likely to evolve as deterrents hampering consumption of growing up milk in Europe.

How is the growing resistance toward obseogenic diets complementing sales of growing up milk?

With swift pace of globalization and urbanization, European children are being raised in unsuitable environment with obseogenic diets, wherein they are used to low physical activities and indulgence in unhealthy diets. Available research studies revolving around food and beverage consumption among infants and toddlers across key regions of Europe point that toddlers are not introduced to healthy alternatives, which is predominantly responsible for their unmet nutritional requirements.

In response with these particulars, the adoption of growing-up milks and other science-based drinks fortified with essential nutrients are being relied upon as a key inclusion in a child’s balanced diet for enhanced nourishment.

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