Cool Roof Coating Market Outlook Steady in Europe as EU Promotes Energy Efficiency Policies

Mr. Shambhu Nath Jha, Research Head – Chemicals and Materials at Fact.MR discusses latest trends shaping Europe’s cool roof coating marketplace


Research and development activities in the field of construction chemicals sector have led to the development of cool roof coating materials. To mitigate the effects of ‘urban heat islands’ and increase the thermal performance of buildings, installation of white roofs or cool roof coatings has increased meteorically over the past few years. Installation of cool roof coating is significant in countries of Asia Pacific, especially in China in the wake of urbanization and extensive activities of the real estate industry.

Europe continues to remain an important market for cool roof coating. The European Union is actively engaged in activities to promote optimization of energy consumption, reduction of air pollution and mitigating heat island through the installation of cool roof coating. Owing to the presence of favorable EU policy framework, cool roof coating market will witness steady growth in the coming years.

What are the main objectives of the EU to promote the cool roof system?

The European Union’s efforts in promotion of the cool roof system integration in different constructions have led to the establishment of the EU Cool Roofs Council (ECRC). The ECRC then proposed action and strategic plan and its main objectives will include work on four axes policy, market, technical and end-user.

  • Policy- ECRC will support policy development by improving understanding and transferring experience regarding the actual and potential contributions by cool roofs to heating and cooling consumption in the EU
  • Market- ECRC will work to remove market barriers and also simplify cool roofs integration procedures in building’s stock and other constructions
  • Technical- The council will disseminate and promote the development of innovative legislation, codes, permits and standards, including application procedures, construction and planning permits concerning cool roofs
  • End-user- ECRC will work to improve the acceptability of the cool roofs by changing the behavior of decision-makers and stakeholders

What are the prime factors fueling adoption of cool roof coating in the region?

A considerable penetration of awareness regarding environmental risks associated with the use of air conditioner in Europe has led to the adoption of energy-efficient appliances that are 25% more efficient than those sold in Asia and the U.S. However, researchers have predicted that owing to climate change Southern Europe will present an increasing demand for air conditioners, thereby leading to a massive surge in power consumption. Whereas Northern Europe will witness declining demand for electricity due to polarized pattern under climate change. These effects have led EU to increase power supply capacity, adoption of renewable energy sources as well as adoption of cool roof coatings.

Where is demand for cool roof coating concentrated in the region?

Western European countries such as Germany, Italy, France, the UK and Spain account for over one fifth of the global cool roof coating demand. These countries present significant preference for construction insulating materials owing to change in climatic conditions. Further, these countries are also a part of different cool roof projects underway by the EU.

What is the application scope of cool roof coatings in Europe?

Integration of cool roof in roofing systems of commercial constructions remains higher in the region while hospitality and healthcare sectors also present significant demand for cool roof coatings in the region. Higher integration can be attributed to greater level of awareness and significant number of urban constructions projects underway.

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