Die Cut Adhesive Market Trends 2018-2028

Die Cut Adhesive Market Overview

Die-Cut adhesive is the sticky surface commonly used to join parts through surface contact when forced together with external pressure. Die-Cut adhesive can provide temporary or permanent fastening & significantly enhance ease of use by the customer. Die-Cut adhesive decreased the manufacturing cost & reduce the time to focus on other production areas as Die-Cut adhesives are ready to use parts. Technological Advances of Die-Cut adhesive are resulting in new and unique opportunities to address more and more design applications everyday. Die-Cut adhesives can provide removable convenience or structural bonds.

The global die-cut adhesive market is expected to expand at mid-single digit CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the rapid growth in manufacturing sector & to overcome the production time of the products with the help of ready to use die-cut adhesives.

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Die Cut Adhesive Market Dynamics

Growth in end-use industries such as medical, transportation, telecommunications, electrical and aerospace are driving the demand for die-cut adhesive market. Rising requirement for packaged food and beverages also supports the demand for die cut adhesives. This industry continues to flourish, which will raise the demand for die cut adhesives for various packaging applications.

Transportation sector is one of the key growth factors for die-cut adhesives market. Rising population, high disposable income, and improving standard of living drive the demand for transportation industry and thereby increase the die-cut adhesives market demand. China and India are two such markets for transportation industry which propel the demand of die-cut adhesives. Digital advancement and growth of telecommunication industry in emerging economies are likely to increase the demand for die-cut adhesives.

The product development and innovation are the keys to upsurge the customer base and revenue in die cut adhesives market. Rapid industrialization, urbanization, and rising family income in emerging nations fuel the demand for medical, telecommunication & electrical appliances, which in turn supports the demand of die-cut adhesives.

Fluctuating raw material prices and rising concerns about the adverse impact of solvent-based adhesives hindered the growth of die cut adhesives market.

Die Cut Adhesive Market Segmentation

The global market for die-cut adhesive is segmented on the basis of material type, product type, application type, end-use industry & region. On the basis of material type, die cut adhesive market is segmented as acrylic, rubber, silicone, and others. The cost of a Die-Cut adhesive is often predicated on chemical type. Rubber based Die-Cut adhesive, in general, is in the lower cost category and often used for less critical applications. It is limited by its resistance to temperature but can feel quite sticky to the touch. The Acrylic family of Die-Cut adhesive is probably the workhorse of all Die-Cut adhesives. Advancements in acrylic chemistry have resulted in a wide range of cost and performance options extending its use from temporary to permanent fastening applications. Certain acrylic Die-Cut adhesive chemistries allow excellent performance to up ~350ºF. Finally silicone Die-Cut adhesive is at the high end of the cost spectrum. Although it lacks in bond strength & it makes up in its ability to work at temperatures approaching 500ºF. On the basis of product type, die cut adhesive market is segmented as transfer film and double coat. By application, die cut adhesive market is segmented as Permanent bond, Temporary bond, Gap filler, Sealing, Vibration absorption, Insulating, Assembly / manufacturing aid and others (barrier, surface protection, packaging & others). By end-use industry, die cut adhesive market is segmented as medical, transportation, telecommunications, electrical, aerospace, and others.

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Die Cut Adhesive Market Regional Overview

Global die-cut adhesive market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania and Middle East & Africa (MEA). The Asia Pacific (East & South Asia) region is estimated to be the dominating and fastest growing die-cut adhesive market. The rising focus of manufacturers towards the Asia Pacific is the primary factor driving the growth of die cut adhesive in this region. The new labor laws and inexpensive labor cost in the region have also aided the manufacturing industry, rendering a large market for die-cut adhesive in the region. Apart from the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America regions are also expected to represent considerable growth in the near future in the die-cut adhesive market.

Die Cut Adhesive Market Competitive Landscape

The global market for the die-cut adhesive is dominated some of the major players such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Mactac, Scapa, Sekisui, Nitto, Tesa, Thrust Industry, JBC Technology, Preco, Marian Inc, Boyd Corporation, Covestro, MBK Tape, Hi-Tech Products and CGR Products among others.

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