Consumer Electronics Show 2019 Talks About Smart Kitchen and its Relevant Impact on Culinary Experiences

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Technological Innovations are underway and are significantly transforming our lifestyles. Penetration of technology in the electronics sector is at its peak and is likely to be extremely intense in the coming years. Consumer Electronics Show (CES), scheduled from Tue, 8 Jan, 2019 to Fri, 11 Jan, 2019, emphasized on new and smart additions that have played a vital role in revolutionizing kitchen space. Being one of the biggest gatherings for the people who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

Taking into consideration the kitchen space, manufacturers addressed elevating concerns of consumers with regard to food waste and prolonged clamor for high end convenience with unparalleled access to information. WLabs, the innovation incubator of Whirlpool Corporation, launched a revolutionary Smart Countertop Oven, which was one of the key focuses of the show. The smart countertop oven possesses the ability of recognizing multiple food varieties that are placed inside and switches to the ideal time and temperature required to offer optimal as well as personalized results. This oven gained immense popularity on the back of augmented reality incorporated, which added to the effective functionality of the device. The KitchenAid brand of Whilrpool entered smart home category by launching SmartOven in tandem with multiple attachements for applications such as in-home baking, grilling, and steaming.

Another company offering food technologies, Innit came up with a new action for Smart Displays and Google Home Hub with Google Assistant. Instant availability with an activation message “Hey Google, talk to Innit’, the action gets unparalleled access to meal recommendations that are personalized and video guidance in case of connected appliances.

As per the current scenario, daily activities with technology have become highly incumbent. Tech companies as well as appliance manufacturers, are focusing on solidifying their equation with customers, which is making them significantly target on offering high-end convenience with smart products, including smart kitchen appliances. However, smart kitchen applications also come with privacy concerns, owing to their incorporation of internet connections. In parallel to this, manufacturers are vying to scale in expertise with an objective to vet products from a safety standpoint.

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