Ride-on Power Trowel Sales in Europe to Grow on Rising Warehousing and Trade Activities

Mr. Mohit Loshali, Research Head – Automation Domain, at Fact.MR discusses latest trends shaping Europe’s ride-on power trowel marketplace

Demand for construction equipment is projected to witness an upward trend after a long stabilization phase in the wake of stagnation in the construction sector. Multimodal factors such as ameliorating economy and rapid urbanization are responsible for the recovery in the construction activities worldwide, thereby providing a kick-start to the construction equipment market. Ride-on power trowels, indispensable tools on the construction floors, are projected to witness increasing demand in emerging countries of APEJ owing to the prominent construction activities underway. Europe with its steadily growing construction sector presented considerable demand for ride-on power trowels in 2018 and the status-quo will continue in the future.

  1. What are the manufacturer efforts in Europe toward delivering good performance ride-on power trowel?
  2. A. As a grinding and polishing tools, modern designs of ride-on power trowels offer high productivity while performing all the functions of cutting, honing, densification and polishing. Manufacturers are working on integration of grinding and polishing into a single wet-grind application that moves the solids of slurry away from diamond tooling and simultaneously carry out densification of the concrete. Intelligent polishing systems have been introduced that use high performance abrasive tooling and special formulations of floor treatment. The innovations introduced in the ride-on power trowels increase productivity in terms of quality polishing of larger floor areas in an effective time period. Innovations introduced by ride-on trowel manufacturers in Europe are highly embraced to achieve greater outcome during construction activities.
  3. What are the European safety standards related to manufacturing and operation of ride-on power trowels?
  4. A. The European Parliament and of the Council on Machinery determines the safety standards of construction equipment. Concrete compactors and smoothening machines safety standards UNI EN 12649 regulate the various design features such as trowel height from the ground and stability of the equipment during operations.
  5. Will the resurgent construction activities impact ride-on power trowel sales in Europe?
  6. A. In the last decade, the construction industry in Europe showcased a fluctuating outlook against the backdrop of multimodal factors such as post-recession period and economic slowdown. With the positive economic growth, Europe construction sector grew at a steady pace over the past few years. Also, prominent growth of the warehouse and logistics market in European countries such as Poland, France, Germany and Italy presents opportunities for the ride-on power trowel providers.

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