European Compact Excavator Market to Ride on the Coattails of Resurgent Residential Construction Activities

Compact Excavator Market

Mr. Mohit Loshali, Research Head – Automation Domain at Fact.MR discusses latest trends shaping Europe’s compact excavator marketplace

The excavator market, in the past decade, witnessed a stabilizing outlook against the backdrop of the construction industry’s slowdown. However, over the past few years, the market has grown significantly in the wake of growing urbanization, especially in emerging countries. A range of machines starting from mini or compact excavators to large capacity mining equipment provide the versatility in operations required at different construction jobsites. A considerable rise in the European construction sector, in particular residential construction, is contributing to the growth of compact excavator market in the region.

  1. What are emission-related efforts taken by compact excavator manufacturers in Europe?
  2. The EU Stage V Emission Standards for off-road vehicles planned to come into effect from 2019 has driven significant manufacturing updates in the engines of construction equipment machineries. While diesel-engines are being modified to comply with emission standards, the long-term forecast of their potential phase-out has led manufacturers to enter the area of electromobility and introduce zero emission, fully electric compact excavators.
  3. How are manufacturers catering to evolving customer demand trends?
  4. Customers of compact excavators continue to seek design developments that accommodate demand for quality. However, customers of compact excavators across world regions present distinct demands for which manufacturers are bound to deliver appropriate machine designs. Therefore, manufacturers of compact excavators are focusing on design innovation and product development that accommodate demands ranging from application in busy cities to general utilization at construction site. Thus, establishing a versatile product portfolio remains prime strategy of compact excavator manufacturers.
  5. What are current efforts of manufacturers toward improving operational efficiencies of compact excavators?
  6. Manufacturers of compact excavators are facing variegated needs and demands presented by a wide range of customers. In a bid to address these demands while maintaining the operational efficiency of equipments, manufactures are adopting a ‘Common Architecture Sharing Technology (CAST) model’ approach which enhances the efficiency of the manufacturing process while addressing distinct application-specific demands.

While demand for equipment rises, in an effort to provide higher machinery uptime, compact excavator manufacturers have incorporated greater electrification and telematics in the equipment design. Further, maintenance and repair services are being improved with the adoption of predictive maintenance technologies in the compact excavators.

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