Hidden Temple Underwater Hidden Temple Found in Bali Indonesia and That is a Tourist Destination Now

Every place in the world has its own specialty and beauty. One of them is Bali. Cleanliness, colorful culture and greenery spread around the beauty of this place.

From hotels to restaurants, spas, adventure activities are full of that too in the budget. But there is another thing besides that, tourists from around the world come here and that is the temple located inside the sea.

If you want to visit Indonesia’s Island Bali, then you must visit the temple built inside the sea. Well there are many temples in Bali but this temple is completely different. Located at 90 feet below sea level on the Peemutaran beach of Bali, this temple still remains the center of curiosity.

This temple, built under the sea in Indonesia, is quite old. By the way, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva but it is also the statue of Vishnu which is approximately 5000 thousand years old. People come to see this temple through scuba diving and swimming.

This temple situated under the sea looks like a ruin. People believe that this Dwarka can be a city because Dwarka was settled along the coast of the city and some time later the city merged into the sea.

Apart from Lord Vishnu and Shiva there are many other statues, which show the worship of old times. There are also large statues of Lord Buddha along with Hindu deities.

Direct flights to Bali are available from different places of the world. By the way, it is more convenient to take a flight from Denpasar to Bali. Apart from this, there is also the option of Sokamau Hatta Jakarta international airport. Where access can be reached easily by taxi and other traffic medium.

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