Mount Toubkal Police Found 2 Bodies of Scandinavian Tourists

Two Scandinavian tourists have been found dead Monday morning in a mountainous area of southern Morocco. The bodies showed “signs of violence with a knife” on their necks, as announced by the authorities in the area.

The bodies of two women, one Danish and one Norwegian, were found in “a mountainous and isolated region” 10 kilometers from Imlil, a village in the High Atlas, according to a statement from the Moroccan Interior Ministry. The authorities opened an investigation to “clarify the circumstances of this criminal act,” a source added to the AFP news agency, without giving further details.

The local press has referred to the fact as “atrocious crime”. In the area, an important security device has been deployed and routes for tourists have been suspended, according to several media in the country.

The chain of the High Atlas is known for its mountain trails. Each year it receives tens of thousands of visitors. The rural commune of Imlil is a usual starting point to ascend to the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Tubqal, 4,167 meters high.

Tourism is a key sector of the Moroccan economy, which represents 10% of the country’s wealth and constitutes its second source of employment after agriculture. After several years of stagnation in the sector, Morocco recorded a record number of tourists in 2017 with 11.35 million visitors, thus surpassing for the first time the barrier of 11 million.

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