Nine out of ten British Jews believe anti-Semitism has infected UK politics

The responses of more than 16,000 Jews to a survey conducted over the Internet by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights have brought to light the discomfort of a significant part of that community with the treatment they receive in their environment. The study has been developed in 12 countries, including Spain, and its conclusion is devastating: anti-Semitism is still very much alive on the continent.

Among the tide of figures are several data: 89% of respondents perceive an increase in anti-Semitism in their country in recent years. 38% have considered emigrating outside Europe because they do not feel safe in the continent. Having come to the assumption of rethinking his life in Europe, a large majority would choose Israel as a destination, followed a long way from the United States.

Internet appears as the great means of spreading anti-Semitism, although an important part sees the problem extended to the street, the media and politics. According to the report, anti-Semitism has profound implications in their daily lives. One in four has felt harassed at least once in the last year, although those who denounce these attitudes are a minority. And 3% even claim to have been assaulted by their condition in the last five years.

The European Commission has received the results as a warning message. “The twentieth century knew many diseases, the only one that remains incurable is anti-Semitism,” warned Vice President Frans Timmermans. Those affected regret that the recipes of the Member States fail to contain the phenomenon. A majority of respondents believe that the EU’s efforts to combat these hate messages are entirely ineffective.

In Spain, discontent with the media is clear. With the delicate Palestinian-Israeli conflict involved, 85% believe that anti-Semitism in the media is a major problem, the highest percentage of the 12 countries evaluated. “They send false news to citizens who generate prejudices,” says a young woman surveyed in Spain.

In the dozen of States that have participated in the study (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and Sweden), 96% of the Jewish population of the EU lives. The situation in France, where it is estimated that about 1.6% of the population is Jewish, is especially disturbing. Almost 80% of French Jews perceive that anti-Semitism has increased “a lot”, the highest number.

In the country led by Emmanuel Macron, recent studies indicate that the attacks come either from the extreme right-wing classic or from young people more or less inspired by jihad . Among the most serious are the murder of four people shot in a confessional school in Toulouse in 2012, or more recently the attack on the Jewish supermarket in 2015. “As far as I am concerned, I hide my Star of David according to the situation in the It’s a shame, “she explains in a French woman in her fifties. More than 7,000 French Jews moved to Israel in 2014, twice as many as the year before.

Discrimination when finding a job or fear of going to places and events in the Hebrew community because they do not feel safe are other complaints that the survey, developed between May and June of this year. “70 years after the Holocaust, Jews should feel safe and at home in Europe, whether they go to the synagogue or surf the Internet,” lamented Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova.

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