Sodium Percarbonate Market Provides an In-Depth Insight of Sales and Trends, Forecast to 2029

Sodium Percarbonate Market in Numbers

  • The sodium percarbonate market has been envisaged to surpass revenues worth US$ 600 Mn in 2019, in line with its growing adoption as a high performance oxygen bleaching agent for industrial as well as household applications.

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  • The sodium percarbonate market is likely to register a CAGR of ~3% through 2029 on account of growing demand for eco-friendly bleach products.
  • East Asia, spearheaded by China, is anticipated to remain the leading market for sodium percarbonate. With the highest sodium percarbonate production capacity, China’s market size is slated to be worth US$ 104 Mn in 2019.
  • The South Asia & Oceania cluster is expected to be the high growth market for sodium percarbonate manufacturers, primary driven by the rising demand from the household cleaning industry.

Competition Landscape

According to Fact.MR study, the global sodium percarbonate market is expected to remain a consolidated landscape owing to the presence of a limited number of players. Global giants, such as Evonik Industries, Solvay SA, OCI Peroxygens LLC, and Hongye Chemical collectively account for ~2/5th of the global sodium percarbonate production. Leading players are expanding their business by establishing manufacturing bases in developing countries, such as China and India, looking at their market attractiveness. Growing focus of players on developing countries as lucrative markets for increasing sodium percarbonate inclusion in every wash load is likely to shape the market in forthcoming years.

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The market for powdered percarbonate is witnessing a slight dip in some of the western countries that have particularly adopted liquid formulations, as a result of which several players have limited their sodium percarbonate production in such regions. For instance, European laundry market’s transition to liquid products prompted Solvay to shut the 50,000 tons pa capacity plant in Warrington, UK. Amid such a turmoil in sodium percarbonate market, leading players are building and reinforcing partnerships with global innovators, focusing on a broader penetration in developing countries, and exploring technology for improved cleaning solutions.

With the West showing an increased appetite for liquid laundry products, players in sodium percarbonate market have also renewed their focus on technology to develop stable sodium percarbonate formulations for use in liquid laundry products. With a stable sodium percarbonate technology, partakers are eyeing to revive the adoption of sodium percarbonate for cleaning and laundry applications in Europe and North America.

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Several companies have increased their focus on safety, storage, and handling aspects of sodium percarbonate to appeal a larger audience. For instance,   OCI is leveraging advanced technologies to minimize the risk of undesired decomposition and to delay the natural decomposition of sodium percarbonate products.

Key Factors Determining Growth of the Sodium Percarbonate Market 

  • Growing traction for green products favoring sales: Surging demand for eco-friendly bleach products, such as household and industrial laundry detergents are driving the demand for sodium percarbonate as an additive. Broadening bandwidth of sodium percarbonate application for removing stubborn stains, in laundry, and to disinfect diapers are creating wide range of growth opportunities for stakeholders.
  • The proliferating textile industry is considerably driving the demand for bleaching agents such as sodium percarbonate that are widely used for the pretreatment of textiles to obtain white clean fabric.
  • In view of numerous restrictions pertaining to water treatment options for organic aquaculture that permit use of easily degradable disinfectants only, sodium percarbonate has forayed this application as a potentially viable option. Potential use of sodium percarbonate as the permissible water disinfectant that can be used in conventional as well as organic aquaculture production systems holds significant growth potential.
  • Though the use of sodium percarbonate as a denture cleanser is at niche for now, it is likely to become a mainstream application in the forthcoming years. This falls in line with the ability of oxidizing (bleaching) agents to remove stains and kill the bacteria harbored on the surface of a denture.
  • Growing demand for an all-purpose whitener that can whiten a tub, sink, or even clothes without using bleach continues to soar the sales of sodium percarbonate for whitening applications.

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