Two Dead and Four Missing in Portugal Road Collapse

Two people have died and four are missing when a section of the road that joins the towns of Borba and Vila Viçosa, near the Spanish border with Badajoz, collapses.

The road with the tunnel is flanked by two marble quarries. Because of the recent rains and the bad condition of the firm for the works in the quarries, in the early hours of Monday afternoon, the ground gave a hundred meters and an excavator that worked in the quarry and two private vehicles rushed to the void, which happened at that time.

According to the medical emergency service INEM there would be several people involved, two who were in the excavator, and at least two others from the other two vehicles.

According to the Republican National Guard (GNR), in the early hours of the night, the death of two people had been confirmed, those that were in the excavator, which would have fallen into the water gathered in one of the quarry wells. Civil Protection later confirmed that the two fatalities were joined by four missing inside the tunnel.

There are 43 firefighters and rescue personnel, fourteen ground vehicles and an aerial medium, although rescue work has been hindered by the arrival of the night. The instability of the land also complicates the inspection work.

According to the mayor of Vila Viçosa, of the two quarries, one was already inactive, but not the other. This piece of road of the old National 255 had to be maintained by the local authorities, since its responsibility was transferred in 2005.

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