French Teenage Dies After Falling from Magaluf Hotel Window

A young man of 19 years and French nationality has died this Monday after having fallen through the window of third floor of a hotel in the tourist town of Magaluf, Calvia (Mallorca). The Civil Guard is investigating the event, which took place at dawn on Monday, and the main hypothesis points to the intake of alcohol as the cause of the accident.

The events occurred at 4.55 when emergency services were alerted to the fall of a young man of French origin from a window of the Aluasun Torrenova hotel, located in the tourist area of Magaluf, the epicenter of tourism for young foreigners on the island. The victim was lying on the ground of the avenue in critical condition with numerous as a result of the fall from a third floor.

A mobile ICU, a basic ambulance, firefighters and local police, who took care of the victim, moved to the place. The young man was transferred in critical condition to the reference hospital of Son Espases in Palma, where he died a few hours later. The Civil Guard has taken charge of the investigation of the fall and everything points that could have occurred by accident.

It is not the first case of similar events this season in the same area. Last April a girl of 19 years and foreign nationality died when falling from a fifth floor in some tourist apartments located also in the street to Torrenova de Magaluf. The Civil Guard concluded that the young woman tried to move from one balcony to another on the façade because she had forgotten the keys to her apartment.

Last month, the events were repeated when a boy of 18 years and Irish nationality, who was just a day’s vacation on the island, rushed from a height of 20 meters in the same building of tourist apartments. The Civil Guard ruled that the young man could be mistaken for an apartment and that he had an accident while trying to reach his apartment.

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