Wearable Cameras Market Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 13.4 % during Forecast Period 2017-2022

The report titled “Wearable Cameras Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market insights 2017 to 2022” presents a critical assessment of the various product development trends and the key demand dynamics shaping the contours of the global wearable cameras market. The report takes a closer look at the potential and prospects of the wearable cameras market and emerging areas that are likely to prove lucrative for manufacturers in key regions. The analyses take an incisive look at opportunities in the overall wearable cameras market by analyzing the demand in various application areas. The study also evaluates the prospects of various distribution channels in the wearable cameras market such as in hypermarket/supermarket, departmental stores, online retail, and sport stores.

The advent of wearable cameras opened several new facets in live streaming for enthusiasts of adventure sports and in recording of live events. The use of wearable cameras gathered substantial steam among professional users alike. Of the compelling propositions driving the demand for wearable cameras in applications areas was enabling end users live stream events or capture crucial moments of their life keeping their hands and vision free. The wearable cameras market has gathered continuous momentum over the past few years, riding on the back of growing application areas of the overall wearables sector. In addition, constant advances in camera functionality has enabled end users to make high-quality recording and streaming of live events on-the-go. The integration with cloud connectivity feature and the diminutive proportions of wearable cameras, along with their simple mechanics of operation and ultra-wide fields of view, render these cameras increasingly useful among enthusiasts of extreme sports such as trekking, hiking, mountain biking, sky diving, and skiing.

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The wearable cameras market witnessed robust impetus from the large strides being taken by the travel and tourism industry and sports industry. In particular, wearable cameras have been gathering traction increasingly among broadcasting studios for the live steaming of sporting events from the multiple vantage points of the players on the field, thereby fueling the evolution of the wearable cameras market. The images and videos captures enamor the viewers. Potential use in covert surveillance has made wearable cameras increasingly popular among law enforcement agencies, private investigators, secret shoppers, and the like. The rising demand for police-grade body cameras in various countries is one of the several key application areas propelling the steady growth of the global wearable cameras market.

The various products in the wearable cameras market can be head, body, or ear mount. Of these, head mount wearable cameras have garnered huge popularity among worldwide users, especially on account of large application in outdoor activities, such as in underwater recording. The trend is evident in the major share of the segment, representing over 52% of the global sales of wearable cameras currently. The demand for this type in the wearable cameras market is expected not to lose sheen in the next few years as well. The rising demand for technologically-advanced head-mount cameras in the wearable market for users in developed regions is also expected to keep the demand substantially lucrative.

The study strives to offer answers to pertinent aspects and sheds light on more important evolution trajectories of the wearable cameras market. Some of the aspects that the study offers insights on:

Which trends will keep the North America wearable cameras market lucrative throughout the assessment period?

Which distribution channels in the wearable cameras market are expected to gather traction among manufacturers in various regions?

What makes the industrial segment increasingly attractive application area in the wearable cameras market?

Which technology advancements will influence the demand for wearable cameras across key end users?

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